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You can reach easily to best options for your champion and role. Do not waste your time for searching on the internet.


Most OP League of Legends rune pages, item builds and counter picks updated in every patch with notifications.

Learn How Runes Work

Get more information about every rune and their advantages in lane and late

Select Your Champion

See all skills and skins of champions, make your choice according to your playstyle

View Rune Pages

Select your own rune page of your champion and role from various alternatives

View Build Guides

Find the most OP items of your champion from beginning to end of the game


What is MobaRunes?

MOBA Runes is an application which will make your wins and climbing easier with most recent meta runes, item builds, counter picks and playing tips.

Which rune page and items?

You can find different rune pages and builds in every champion for different most preferred positions. If you have decided to your playstyle according to your enemy, offensive or defensive alternatives are ready for you. Also you can combine items from different builds for every game.

How runes and builds are updated?

Our professional team from top leagues observe pick rates of rune pages and items, follow professional players and analyse win rates of different choices to provide you the best alternatives.

How notifications work?

If you turn on the notification from any champion page, you will be noticed when any rune or item is changed in that champion. Pick your favourite champs and be aware of current meta always.

Do I have to pay?

You do not need to pay any amount to use MobaRunes.

GG&WP! Have fun!

What is next?

We develop your application according to all precious feedbacks. Keep this in your mind and please contact us for your every demand or advise.